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    3 Dental Tips If You Have A Cold Or The Flu

    3 Dental Tips If You Have A Cold Or The Flu

    Top Three Things Your Dentist Would Advise If You Have a Cold or the Flu

    WHEN YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM A COLD OR THE FLU, there are probably a hundred things on your mind, like what to eat or what meds to take. You’d probably even say, “What’s my teeth got to do with it?” Well, your teeth are not the culprit, but they could also be victims of the cold or flu virus. You can save them by taking note of the following:

    Tip 1: Prevent Having Dry Mouth. Drink Lots of Fluids.

    Dry mouth increases risk for tooth decay. When we have a cold, it is difficult to breathe through our nose. So we need the help of our mouth, and we open it more often than we ought to. More air comes in, causing dry mouth. During sleep, there is lesser saliva inside our mouths, making it more prone to bacteria that cause tooth decay.

    Tip 2: Stay Away From Stuff That Harms Your Teeth

    • We know you need cough drops to have that feeling of relief. Unfortunately, they are filled with sugar. Sugar-free cough drops are a better alternative.
    • Cough syrup is also filled with sugar. So don’t forget to rinse your mouth after taking it.
    • Stomach acid can damage teeth. Throwing up can be a side effect of your sickness. So if you did, brush and rinse your teeth again.

    Tip 3: Use Whatever Strength You Have Left…

    Having a cold or flu can really drain you. However, do your best to stand up for a few minutes to brush and floss your teeth. Your oral health is just as important as your physical health. (See the kitty in the above photo? We think she wants to leave the bed because her master has bad breath from lying down and not brushing his teeth.)

    Other Reminders for Being Fit and Healthy

    Be healthy this flu season! Always cover your nose when sneezing and wash or sanitize your hands often to avoid virus contamination.

    And Here’s A Fun Way to Wrap Things Up…

    If you’re sick, hope you get well soon! And thanks for your trust in us.

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