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    4 Ways Laughter And A Confident Smile Are Life Changing

    Trillions of dollars are spent on gyms, fitness regimes, health care and supplements every year. There’s no doubt that there are cheaper alternatives to improve your well-being but there are ways to make you healthier without spending a penny. Smiling is one of life’s freebies that can definitely boost your health. Not convinced?  Here are ten ways that you can use a smile to your advantage.

    1.       Smiling makes you happy

    Your brain interprets the muscle action of smiling as you being happy. Because of this, your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical that makes us feel happy and helps decrease stress levels. It doesn’t even have to be a genuine smile. Fake smiles can give similar results.

    2.       Smiling boosts your immune system

    Smiling relaxes you and when you’re relaxed, your immune system functions efficiently. In turn, the risk of catching a cold or flu is reduced.

     3.       Smiling reduces pain

    When you stub your toe, try smiling it off. Smiling releases endorphins which is a natural pain killer. If it’s emotional pain, forcing a smile increases your mood slightly. Though try to smile at appropriate times because if you end up smiling at upsetting events, you might give people the wrong impression.

    1.       Smiling helps you look younger

    Ever wondered why Santa Clause, who is supposed to be really old, looks so vibrant and alive? That’s what smiling and laughing can do for you. The less wrinkles on your face, the younger you’ll look and feel. In addition, smiling individuals look younger than they actually are.

    2.       Smiling can make you live longer

    Those who smile often live to an average of 75 years whereas those who don’t live to an average of 73 years. Even if you don’t live longer from smiling, it will make you feel a lot better throughout your life.

    3.       People who smile are trusted more

    It’s a harsh world out there. How do we know who to trust? One way to show you can be trusted is by smiling. The Journal of Economic Psychology contained a study suggesting that people are willing to trust a person 10% more if they’re smiling. People who smile are also considered to be more generous and more approachable.

    4.       Smiling makes you more attractive

    We tend to be drawn in by people who smile because smiling is an attractive expression. People want to get to know you just from a smile. Socializing is always easier and more fun when smiles and laughs are shared. When smiles are shared, you’re a person people want to be around.

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