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    A Puny Straw Can Pack Powerful Protection

    A Puny Straw Can Pack Powerful Protection

    How to Pack a Powerful Protection with a Tiny Straw

    Really? How can a tiny straw safeguard my smile?  Strange though it may seem, a straw can really help to safeguard your smile.

    Straws Can Help to Reduce Exposure

    We all love to drink beverages whether its milk, fruit juices, iced coffee, tea, colas and sports drinks. However these beverages can stain our teeth and cause tooth decay. By using a straw to sip on your drink, can actually protect your teeth.


    Consuming beverages with a strong pigmentation like red wine and smoothies made from berries can cause tooth discoloration. A straw can minimize these stains.


    If you want to check out your consumption habits for sodas, take a look in your mouth. Some people who swish the soda around in their mouth before swallowing can see the decaying effects on the back molars. If you sip soda all through the day, the decay will show up on your front teeth. If you use a straw to sip on your soda, you will be minimizing your risks of having decayed teeth.


    If you can limit the likelihood of sugar and acid attack on your enamel, you can help protect your teeth against sensitivity which results from erosion and decay. Using a straw can help to reduce sensitivity caused by hot or cold drinks.

    Positioned your straw correctly

    Form the habit of placing the straws at the back of your mouth each time you drink. This allows the teeth to be less exposed to the drink. Reduce any additional chances of damaging effects by the following:

    • DON’T swish beverages in your mouth
    • DON’T sip constantly on harmful beverages throughout the day.
    • Drink water or chew on celery or sugarless gum after you have had your drinks.

    Eat properly! Brush your teeth in the mornings and at nights and remember to floss! Don’t miss your scheduled appointments at the dentist. If you need information about decay, staining or sensitivity, call us!

    Practice good eating habits and brush your teeth morning and night, and don’t forget to floss! Keep your regularly scheduled appointments, and if you have questions about staining, decay, or sensitivity give us a call! You can message us on our Facebook page too!

    Thanks for being our valued patient!

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