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Our passion is to give you a gentle, pain-free dental experience, and make you LOVE us. Come and experience the Dentistry4Less difference. We are here for you in !

We LISTEN to you, we LEARN what you want, and take the time to give you a great examination. Our doctors will explain your complete oral condition to you and give you all the options and their benefits.

We are fluent in both English and Spanish and have been enjoying caring for the dental and health needs. I invite you to join our family of friends.

Our upscale comfortable environment with affordable prices, personal comfort and unmatched professionalism will make your visit to our  Paramount Dental Office an enjoyable experience that you will want to tell your family and friends about.

Our Mission

We desire a place where we are able to share our true feelings (authenticity); differences are respected (courtesy); we are encouraged to grow professionally (mutually); we spend time with people, getting to know them (hospitality); and we are supported in our response, despite our weakness (unity).

  • Dental Care: Our office will provide treatment using the most scientifically proven methods.
  • Dental Team: Must be exceptional people who are excited about dentistry and their duties in the office.
  • Promotional Philosophy: We will market the practice in a professional manner, enabling us to attract quality patients.
  • Profitability: In order to provide quality dentistry, our office must be profitable to ensure future growth.
  • Continuing Education:The delivery of dental care is constantly changing and improving.
  • Leadership: A healthy, clean and pleasant environment will be provided and maintained for our employees

Why Choose Dentistry4Less?

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