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    Affordable Dentures Long Beach


    Dentures are removable appliances which can be used as replacement for missing teeth.

    Tooth loss whether by decay, injury or gum disease can inhibit your smile.  Dentures are a way to bring back your smile and improve your appearance. Dentures will have the color of your natural teeth. When fitted, they can help you to chew your food with ease and improve your speech.

    Losing your full set of permanent teeth can cause sagging of your facial muscle, which will give you an older look. That’s why you need dentures to improve your facial appearance and boost your confidence.

    Types of dentures:

    Conventional: This is a complete denture which is made and then placed in your mouth. This type of dentures is removable. Once all your teeth have been removed and the tissues are healed, you can start wearing your dentures. The entire process can take several months to complete.

    Immediate: This a removable denture which is fitted the same day when the last set of teeth are removed. During an early visit your dentist will measure your jaw. From these measurements, your dentist will be able to make models. With immediate dentures, there’s no waiting time for healing to take place.  However, once your jaw has healed your dentist may have to readjust or remake the dentures.

    Overdenture: There are times when some of your teeth will not be removed. In such cases saving these teeth can preserve your jawbone and become a source of support and stability for the dentures. Overdentures are prepared by a dentist and then fitted over the natural teeth remaining in your mouth.

    Expect some form of awkwardness when you start wearing your dentures for the first time.  It may take a few weeks for you to get accustomed to wearing them.  They may feel loose or you may experience a little soreness or irritation. You may also notice an increase in saliva, but this is temporary. All these will eventually go away when your mouth gets accustomed to the dentures.

    Your Long Beach Dentist will require that you do follow-up visits to check and adjust your dentures if necessary. Never hesitate to call us if you experience any continued discomfort with your new dentures.


    Denture Care

    Wearing full dentures will require good oral hygiene practices. Every morning before inserting them, you need to brush your tongue, gums and the roof of your mouth. Use a soft bristled brush. This will stimulate circulation and helps get rid of plague.

    Brush your dental implant and dentures every day. The brushing will remove food particles, plague and prevent food stain.

    Rinsing your dentures before you brush them will remove any food or debris.

    A non-abrasive cleaner and a toothbrush with a soft bristle is required for brushing your dentures. These will prevent your dentures from getting scratched.

    Clean your mouth completely when you brush.  This includes your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth. A thorough cleaning rids your mouth of plague and will eliminate the risks of bad breath.

    Keep your dentures covered in water in a safe place when you’re not wearing them.

    Sometimes people who wear dentures may need to use adhesives. Adhesives are available in various forms: liquids, powders, strips, creams or pads/wafers. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you have to use any form of adhesive.

    Have your dentures become loose or damaged? Do you have questions about your dentures?  Do you want to schedule a regular dental check-up?  Why not call us and scheduled an appointment? We’ll be more than happy to solve these issues for you.

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