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    Amaze Your Friends With Four Amusing Mouth Facts!


    It is very interesting to know that the word dentist comes from the word “dent”, which is a French word that means tooth. The more interesting thing is that we deal with more than just the teeth. This could be probably because the health of your teeth is so much connected to the overall health of your mouth and hence the overall health of your whole body.

    Below are some interesting fun facts regarding your mouth that might be interesting to know?

    That Little Piece of Webbing

    This is called the frenulum. This is the little part of your mouth that looks like webbing that connects the base of your mouth to the t the underside of your tongue. This is the major webbing that is in your mouth though there is another one that connects your upper gum of the mouth to the top lip.

    The Oral Mucosa

    The oral mucosa is a special kind of tissue that is found in your mouth. Its major role in the mouth is that it lines the entire mouth. It is in some cases mixed with keratin especially on the roof of your mouth. Keratin is a strong material such as the one found in your fingernails.

    Your Temporomandibular Joints

    The temporomandibular joints connect the upper and the lower jaws. Most of the joints of your body move in the same direction. Your jaw is different in that it moves from side to side, up and down and even from and back. This is the mechanism of the jaws that help your teeth, especially the molars grind food. You can experiment this by moving your jaw round right now! Even a cat or any other animal can do that pretty well.

    Saliva Factories

    As human beings, we have three major pairs of salivary glands. These are amongst many other small glands located throughout your mouth. An interesting point to note here is that did you know that saliva has more functions in our mouths other than helping us eat as well as cleaning our mouths? This is due to the fact that it contains important minerals that do reinforce our teeth.

    Taste zone

    You can taste any kind of food whether sweet, sour or even bitter with the assistance of your tongue. This is due to the fact that the tongue has four different taste zones. There is the sour zone that is placed on the back side of your tongue. There is the bitter zone that is situated on the reverse of the ounce and the sweet zone that is on the face side of your tongue. The salt zone is located at the sides of the front of your tongue.

    Taste bud

    It is interesting to note that the lifespan of a taste bud is only ten days! The taste bud can be placed anywhere in your mouth including the top of your mouth or within your check and not only under your tongue as we are used to.



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