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    The Connection Between Breakfast And Your Healthy Smile

    The Connection Between Breakfast And Your Healthy Smile

    The Link Between Breakfast And A Healthy Smile

    We have often heard it; that breakfast is the most important meal for the day. Health studies have agreed that this is so. Do you know that breakfast has a great impact on your oral health?

    Popular Breakfast Choices Can Affect Your Smile

    With our present lifestyle that keeps us very busy, breakfast can be compromised, resulting in an imbalanced meal. A breakfast that has a high sugar content can affect our oral health. Our regular choice of food for breakfast such as pastries and cereals are packed with sugar. This type of breakfast can really damage our teeth and gums substantially especially if our after breakfast brushing and flossing is not done properly.

    Protect Your Smile with a Healthy, Balanced Breakfast

    Like your body, your mouth needs a supply of nutritious food to keep healthy.  Having a balanced breakfast that is rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins is your protection against gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and early tooth loss.

    Smile-Friendly Breakfast Tips

    • Eat whole grains such as whole wheat bread and oats. They are better than refined grains.
    • Eat vegetables and firm ripe fruits.
    • Drink unsweetened tea and water. They will strengthen your tooth enamel and protect your teeth from tooth decay.
    • Use smoothies and fruit juices moderately.  Usually they are very acidic and high in sugar.
    • Think of having dinner for breakfast- chicken, beans, cheese, fish etc.
    • Choose high fiber cereals that have little preservative and less added sugar.

    Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

    Kick starts Your Day & A Healthy Smile with Breakfast

    Eat breakfasts that will protect your smile AND enhance your self-confidence. Studies have revealed that your energy and focus are affected by breakfast. Do you have recipes or ideas that promote healthy balanced breakfasts? Why not share them with us?


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