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    Dieting? 4 Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy

    Dieting? 4 Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy

    Are You Dieting? 4 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Smile

    If you are trying to lose weight that’s great! While you are focusing on losing some weight, remember that good oral hygiene is an essential component of staying healthy.

    Links between Oral Health and General Health

    Our body systems work together to keep us in optimum health. Working out to lose weight and dieting are intended to help our bodies function well.  Have you ever thought about the impact these weight loss diets can have on your teeth?   Let’s look at 4 useful tips to a healthy smile.

    # 1:  Juicing and Smoothies

    Many diets encourage juicing and drinking smoothies and of course they contain the nutrition your body needs. However, you need to remember that they also have lots of sugar and acids and your teeth can become stained and discolored due to their strong pigmentation. Always use a straw and rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

    #2: “Grazing” Can create a tug-of-war situation inside your mouth

    There are diets which require that you snack more while others require less snacking. Remember though, that the more often you eat, the harder your mouth will have to work in order to recover its pH balance (fighting acids and washing the debris away). You can finish off with celery or any other food that will help remove any remaining bits of the sugar and acids. Remember it’s very important to rinse with water.
    #3: Some diet-friendly snacks can be unfriendly to your teeth

    Watch out for those diet beverages, for example, diet soda. While it is ok for dieting, it is also full of acids which can be tough on your teeth. If diet soda is a part of your diet regime, DON’T drink it all through the day. Take a drink and then rinse with water. Some other diet-friendly snacks to be wary of include nuts, dried fruits that are sticky and citrus foods that are acidic.
    #4: Drink lots of water and get adequate amount of Vitamins and Minerals

    Any adjustment in your diet which includes the intake of supplements or dietary pills can cause a reduction in saliva flow. Drinking plenty water can help. Vitamins and minerals are super elements which assist the body to function at its best. They strengthen enamel and help you to fight off infections.

    Here’s a short video from an NBC News affiliate:

    Let Us Know If You Have Questions

    We’re cheering for you! Good luck with your diet! Let us know if you have any questions about how dieting can affect your smile. Be sure to keep your regular cleaning appointments so that any potential problems are identified early.
    Thanks for the trust your place in our practice. We appreciate having you as our valued patient.

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