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    Invisalign Dentists in Long Beach


    If you need the services of an Invisalign dentist, we are here to help you!

    There’s no doubt that orthodontics can brighten your smile. Wearing metal braces is not the only option to having a beautiful smile. Invisalign is an alternative. These removable, invisible and comfortable aligners can straighten your teeth and give you that attractive smile you’ve always desired. Because they are invisible nobody will know you have them.

    What is Invisalign?

    • The method of straightening your teeth.
    • The procedure involves the use of a series of transparent but removable aligners to straighten your teeth.
    • Proven and accepted nationally as an effective procedure both in clinical research and orthodontic practices.


    How Does Invisalign® work?


    After you are fitted with the first set of aligners, you’ll wear them for 2 weeks. Remember to remove them when you drink, eat, brush and floss.

    As each aligner is removed and replaced by the new set, your teeth will begin to move slowly into their correct place.

    During the treatment you’ll need to visit us once every 6 weeks just to make sure that the treatment is progressing well.

    The entire treatment period is about 9 to 15 months. On average the number of aligners used during treatment is from 18 to 30.   However, this will vary depending on different cases.


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