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    Good Morning Sunshine! What’s Your Breath Like?

    Good Morning Sunshine! What’s Your Breath Like?

    Good Morning Love! What’s Your Breath Like?

    Unpleasant breath is such a common experience among human beings that we need not be ashamed of. It affects just about everyone from time to time. Thankfully though, our morning teeth brushing routines often banish bad breath. This does not however, remove questions pertaining to the origin of morning breath or solutions for those whose morning breath persists throughout the day.

    Dry Mouth – The Primary Culprit

    Bad breath, in general, is typically caused by a number of factors such as diet, illnesses and poor oral hygiene practices. But morning breath is often triggered by dry mouth.

    Your mouth becomes dry overnight because saliva production is slowed down during sleep. The slowing down of saliva production is essential because it facilitates your sleep. If this did not happen you would have to swallow often, while sleeping. But saliva plays a crucial role in oral health since it helps to remove food particles in the mouth, controls the bacteria and reduces the acidity of the mouth.

    The reduction of saliva production during sleep means a reduction in the roles that saliva plays in maintaining oral health. Bacteria get a free reign, and this results in a buildup of sulphur gas, which stinks! Therefore it is so important to brush our teeth prior to going to bed at night. This habit helps to ensure that we start our night’s rest with a mouth that contains low levels of sugars and bacteria.

    Combat Morning Breath with These Tips

    1. Establish a routine of teeth and tongue brushing before bed each night.
    2. Hydrate your mouth and body. Make it a habit to drink water before going to bed and after waking up in the mornings.
    3. Help to prevent dry mouth by breathing through your nose rather than through the mouth as you sleep. This requires clear passage for the air being breathed so keep your sinuses clear.


    But What about Morning Breath That Persists Throughout the day?

    If your morning breath follows you through the day, you probably have chronic bad breath. A trip to the dentist is necessary in this situation. In some cases all that is needed to solve the problem is a thorough cleaning of the teeth. In other words, there may be an underlying problem such as gum disease or tooth decay that needs to be diagnosed and addressed.


    Do You Have Questions? Don’t be Afraid to Ask!

    We are well aware that this topic makes awkward conversation. If you are worried about bad breath however, you should feel free to talk to us. We are here to help you with this condition and all other oral health care concerns you might have.

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