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    How’s Your Nightly Brushing Routine Going?

    How’s Your Nightly Brushing Routine Going?

    How’s Your Nighttime Brushing Routine?

    Have you ever skipped your routine night time brushing? If this happens occasionally there’s no need to worry. If it becomes a habit and you are not brushing and flossing at nights then the consequences can be harmful.

    Why nighttime brushing and flossing are so important

    As we sleep our metabolism slows down. While we sleep the amount of saliva we produced is reduced by the body so we don’t have to swallow throughout the night or choke on our spit. That’s cool, right!

    Since our saliva flow is reduced, our mouths become dry, the tissues get inflamed and bacteria can flourish, especially if bits of food are left between or on our teeth. This can cause gingivitis and can lead to periodontal diseases.

    We must develop good oral habits if we want to have optimum oral health.

    5 ways to maintain an effective Nighttime Routine

    1. Brush and Floss just before bedtime – Use a soft toothbrush. Spend at least two minutes brushing every nook and cranny.

    2. Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth- brushing your teeth is important but you should also brush the roof of your mouth and your tongue. These areas can encourage the growth of bacteria. Give them a gently brushing!

    3. Floss, Floss, Floss – Never overlook the importance of flossing. If you develop the habit of flossing every time you brush, you smile will sparkle at all times. Remember the back teeth when you floss!

    4. Don’t Cheat – If you happen to go through your routine in the early part of the evening, you may be enticed to cheat …so you end up eating a cookie before you retire to bed. Whenever this happens you have to repeat your nighttime routine again.

    5. Brush the “Correct” Way

    Good Habits Yield Great Rewards

    Do you want to achieve optimum oral health? If so, you have to develop a great routine. Look at your nightly habits for this week and find out if there’s anything you need to improve on. Call us if you have questions!

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