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    Improve Your Oral Health By Improving Your Posture

    Improving your posture improves your Oral Health

    When we think of posture, we usually think “straight back chin up, stomach in and chest out”. Well your mother was not just telling you to do that for nothing. Good posture benefits not only our image but our oral health as well. Good posture helps us maintain a great smile by preventing teeth and jaw related problems.

    Having good posture means that in relation to gravity, the spine and head are balanced. Our bones are your body’s framework and muscles allow our bones to move. To keep us moving and upright, every muscle in the body has to work together.


    Postural Chain

    When a body part is misaligned with the other ones, there is a chain reaction. Imagine the human body as a chain – a postural chain with your feet and teeth at both ends.

    When our lower and upper teeth are put together, each tooth creates a skeletal connection with its opposite tooth. This teeth position determines our jaw’s position as well as the position of our spine and head.

    Still have doubts? Try tilting your head back and lightly close your teeth. You should feel your molars touch first. Now try tilting your head forward and lightly close your teeth again. Your front teeth should touch first this time. These positions show how your head position and your bite are related. Awkward spine posture and position stresses your jaw joints and your face muscles which can hurt over time. This jaw pain is especially prominent with people who slouch.

    We tend to forget that the teeth are a part of our skeletal system. When our teeth are misaligned, this causes a chain reaction through your postural chain forcing your muscles and bones to adjust. Bad posture does not cause immediate negative effects but the gradual effects can cause damage.


    Symptoms of such damage include:

    • Tingling or numbing sensation in one of your hands
    • Pain in the shoulders, head, jaw, neck or back
    • Lockjaw
    • Pain when opening your mouth
    • Earache
    • Headache
    • Popping and clicking when you close and open your jaw
    • Trouble clearing your ears.
    • Misaligned shoulders
    • Tender breast bone muscles
    • Different leg lengths
    • Uneven heels

    Fix your posture

    Thank you for the trust you place in our practice.

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