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    4 Important Benefits Of Regular Dental CheckUps

    4 Important Benefits Of Regular Dental CheckUps

    4 Key Benefits of Regular Dental Check-Ups

    Skipping a dental check-up every now and then may seem unimportant for now, but this can really lead to other dental problems. You can protect your teeth and your health by having regular dental check-ups and cleanings which can save you money and time as well.

    Let’s look at four reasons for keeping up with your schedule dental checkups:

    1.      Protect Your Smile

    You can save your teeth if tooth decay is spotted early. Did you know that tooth decay in adults is caused mainly by gum disease? Gum disease is common in half the adults over age 30.  Prevent gum disease by keeping your regular appointments at the dentist! Dental checkups will help you manage any oral health problems that may arise.

    2.      Look  Better, Feel Better

    Professional dental cleanings will remove calculus and tartar built-up which normal, regular brushing cannot do. Professional cleaning will give you a brand new clean smile. Why not get rid of embarrassing bad breath by having your teeth cleaned professionally?

    3.     Protect Your General Health

    Do you know that about 120 systemic diseases can be detected in your mouth?  Your mouth can actually show signs of these diseases even before you know you have them. Proper dental care can improve your general health significantly. A study done by the University of California in Berkley revealed that the risk of heart disease was reduced by a third in women who had regular dental checkups. Similarly, an Aetna study also revealed that the cost for healthcare was lower in people who have regular dental checkups.

    #4: Perhaps, Even Save Your Life

    One of the most important parts of each dental visit is your oral cancer check, where your mouth is surveyed for early signs of one of the very deadliest cancers.

    Questions? Always Feel Free To Ask!

    If you ever have any questions about recommendations for your regular dental appointments, please ask!

    Thanks for being a valued part of our practice!

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