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    The Connection Between Gum Disease And Dementia

    The Connection Between Gum Disease And Dementia

    The link between Dementia and Gum Disease

    HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED GUM BLEEDING? Gum bleeding does occur in everyone’s life at least once in a life time.  The excessive gum bleeding on regular basis can be immensely harmful. If you are experiencing a noticeable amount of gum bleeding then you should worry about it, as it can cause many hazardous effects on your whole body including the sensitive areas such as brain and heart. Some major and serious consequences that can occur on gums are severe pain, persistent bleeding, tooth loss and cavity.

    Gum Bleeding can circuitously harm other sensitive parts or nerve cells of the body. Numerous risk involving diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia can also transpire because of the consistent gum bleeding.

    Miles Of Floss

    What is Alzheimer and Dementia?

    Alzheimer is a memory threatening disease; it is the continuous progression of mental deterioration which usually occurs in the middle or old age, can also emerge with the occurrence of internal harmful infections. Whereas, Dementia is another memory intimidating disease; it is a continuous succession of mental disorders which obliquely harms the mental processes of the brain by damaging and marking other serious memory disorders, personality confusion, problem solving issues, shaky focus and much more.

    Less Flossing, More risk of Dementia

    Clean and cavity free tooth keeps the mind sharp and healthy in all possible ways. Serious hygiene and health issues can discursively harm your overall body’s functions. Oral treatment is essential to keep the tooth and mouth cavity free. A recent study explained the unexplained relationship between gum diseases and cognitive impairment. Researchers from Columbia University, New York tested almost 2,300 women and men 60 and over. They all were suffering from severe gum diseases and were further thoroughly tested on memory procedures. The researchers realized that women and men with highest gum diseases were more unable to recall a three-sequence word.

    Irregular Oral Treatment Causes Brain dysfunctions

    Oral Treatment is necessary for everyone to avoid perilous gum diseases. Oral bacteria entering through mouth wounds threaten the nerves of the brain, especially directly affecting the cognitive parts. If you feel or experience gum bleeding or any open wound on gums then it’s an alarming situation, as that can become a welcoming way for the bacteria to enter and spread throughout your body. Detrimental bacteria can enter your body through the wound and can destructively cause your brain and other internal functioning systems. A group of oral and Dental Research Center conducted a study on the presence of Periodontpathic virulence in the brain causing Alzheimer. The study revealed that bacterial components such as Porphyromonas gingivalis causes brain disorder, as bacteria enters through the wounded gums and strikes the brain sensitive areas.

    Treat your Gums right to sustain your health

    Taking care of your gums are really important, a little concern over your gums can protect you from perilous diseases. Follow the steps to maintain the health of your gums.

    • Make sure to clean your teeth properly and regularly
    • Understand the need of dental treatments and keep your tooth checked on weekly basis
    • Use a high-standard authorized and clinically approved floss

    If you know someone who is suffering from any kind of periodontal or gum diseases and needs help then share this helpful information with them. This may help them in getting a clear idea of what they need to do.

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