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    Smiles And The Science Of Attraction

    Spending 20 minutes to achieve that perfect look before you leave your house? Do you want to be a head-turner, minus that gruelling hair and makeup session? Few people would think of their dentist when they want to look good. However, studies show that it’s not only the make up or the pretty hair that counts, it’s also your smile.

    Women from all over the world spend billions of dollars (around $8 billion, in fact) just for makeup. Not only that, the average woman spends around 20 minutes to put it on. But a study on attraction by Wrigley Gum shows that your smile may be more powerful than your makeup. In this study, participants were made to examine photos of women who were either smiling or with makeup on. Results showed that both sexes think that a person smiling is more attractive than a person with makeup.

    A smile can also do a lot in making people close to you. A smile signals and evokes positive feelings. It can mean, “I’m happy for you”, “I am thankful”, “I like you”, or “I love you”. Plus, it creates a good first impression and we all know how important they are in making or breaking new relationships. A survey of 5,000 singles showed that both sexes (58% of men and 71% of women) base attractiveness mainly on a person’s teeth.


    Sadly, 30% of people do not have the excellent teeth that make up a killer smile. If you think you belong to this group, you can contact and visit us so we can help you achieve that charming smile.

    Thank you so much for putting your trust in us. We are truly grateful!

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